Signs of Workplace Discrimination

As part of the country’s labor force, we all want to work in a fair and supportive environment. Sadly, however, the workplace can sometimes be a place where we find inequity. We find this happening around the world, even in the United States of America. In order to ensure that you get the fairness you deserve in your workplace, it would be good to build your knowledge of U.S. workplace discrimination laws.

What is considered illegal for an employer to do?

U.S. workplace discrimination laws center on the assertion that it is illegal for an employer to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, nationality, age, disability, or marital status. This is applied to an employer’s job selection, job hiring, and job firing processes.


What government agencies can I report for assistance?

If you have observed your employer to be guilty of workplace discrimination, you must go through a standard process before the case can be brought to court. The first step is to inform your workplace discrimination incident with either or both of these government agencies: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Florida Commission on Human Resources (FCHR). You are given 300 days and 365 days respectively, to file a complaint with both agencies from the date of discrimination. If both agencies do not resolve the issue, only then can you bring your case to court.

Is harassment considered as discrimination?

Harassment is actually a form of workplace discrimination. It can be sexual in nature or other unwelcome and untoward behavior from a co-worker, supervisor, client, or anyone in the workplace.

What constitutes age discrimination?

Companies are generally not allowed by the law to specify an age preference in their job advertisements. All employees, regardless of their age, must collect the same benefits. Furthermore, it is illegal for a company to choose particular employees for apprenticeship or internship programs solely based on their age. In other words, a 45-year-old should not be disqualified from training programs offered to 25-year-olds. Both are to be treated equally.

What is religious discrimination?

People have different beliefs and religious affiliations. U.S. companies are mandated to accommodate the various religious customs of their employees. They are not to hire or fire based on one’s religious inclination.

What is gender discrimination?

Workplace discrimination happens when companies pay different salaries to men and women who possess the same qualifications, duties, skill level, and job position. They should receive the same amount of compensation as well as benefits as employees of the company.

What is pregnancy-based discrimination?

Companies in the United States are required by law to deal with pregnant women the same way they would manage an employee who has a temporary illness. The pregnant employee should not just be transferred because of her physical condition. This is considered illegal.

Nobody wants to be a victim of workplace discrimination. It you happen to be one, the information listed above should help you expose the unlawful practices of your offender and ensure that justice is served.


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