What it takes to Become a Lawyer

A lawyer is someone whose profession is to represent clients in a court of law or to advise or act for clients in other legal matters. Upon completion of school, lawyers undergo more training to prepare for their profession. Each lawyer can specialize, performing their services for divorce, injury, business, and so on, or simply keep a wide range of law practice. Regardless of what specialty, lawyers are required to undergo proper schooling and training before being allowed to practice law.

How To Become A Lawyer?

The first step to becoming a lawyer is to obtain a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college. There is no specific degree that an individual needs in order to get into law school. Most law school acceptances come from students with a degree in political science, mathematics, journalism, and even English. However, there is no specific required field of study for a Bachelor’s degree before getting into law school. One thing to keep in mind, is pre-requisites for getting into law school. As long as you perform your pre-requisites successfully, and obtain your bachelor’s degree successfully, you are one step closer to a law career.

During the time of your undergraduate career, you should not simply just be getting your undergraduate degree. To become a lawyer, many people will obtain the proper experience during this time. The coursework taken for your undergraduate degree should be carefully planned out, to ensure you are on the right track to becoming a lawyer. You should also consider volunteer positions and internships in the law field of work, in order to gain experience and professional affiliations. All of this will help you develop your admissions package for your prospective law school career.

You would think that the next step to becoming a lawyer is to apply and enroll in law school. While technically this is the next step, you should take your law school exam first. This exam is called the Law School Admission test (LSAT), and is required by all law schools in America. Certain law schools require certain test scores, so make sure to research what score range you should be getting on your LSAT. Proper preparation and studying for the LSAT will guarantee you a great score and admission into law school.

Hopefully by now, on your journey to becoming a lawyer, you have researched potential law schools. At this point, it is time to apply to law school by submitting a complete application.

Your next step is to earn your juris doctor degree. During this time is when young, prospective lawyers are starting to plan out their career. This is when lawyers typically specialize in areas such as real estate, death, injuries, crime, and so on. This is typically a three year program, which is followed by the ever-so-famous bar exam.

Once you pass your bar exam, and a thorough background check from your respective state, you can begin to practice in your law career. Many lawyers start at the bottom ranks, and move their way up over time. Becoming a lawyer is a lengthy, strategic process. With the right guidance and patience, becoming a lawyer is do-able for anyone looking to practice law.