Three Types of Lawyers You May Need To Call

When we say types, we mean specialties. Each lawyer, upon earning their Juris Doctor degree, a lawyer can specialize in a certain field. They can become criminal lawyers, real estate lawyers, business lawyers, family lawyers, etc. There are many different specialties offered to lawyers, and each lawyer becomes proficient in their selected specialty. Below is a short overview of three different types of lawyers: business, criminal, and family.

  1. Business Lawyers

The business attorney (lawyer) is the person who is involved with the company’s bare bones. This means that the business lawyer is in charge of all legal matters of the business, resolve legal disputes, taxation, property, and so on. Depending on the size of the business, the business may hire one lawyer or a team of lawyers. Business lawyers play a vital role in any legal matters that the company may have. They can also represent other employees during court hearings, should they need to. A business lawyer follows the same educational path as any other lawyer, but it is highly recommended that they obtain a master’s degree in some point of their law career. The master’s degree in business law provides information for a more in-depth business law practice.

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  1. Criminal Lawyers

At this point, the majority of the world’s population already know who a criminal lawyer is. Criminal lawyers specialize in crime from representing clients, defending clients, and being extremely familiar with criminal law. Their main task is to represent a defendant in a criminal court system. The criminal lawyer is the person responsible for developing a case for their defendant. Developing the case includes hours of law research, gathering witness testimonies, reviewing police records and if applicable medical records, and attending all legal based hearings on their current case. Gathering information for a criminal case and attending each legal hearing is enough work on its own. However, most criminal lawyers have a team behind them to help them gather up necessary information for their current case.a criminal behin bars

  1. Family Lawyers

While family lawyers still have to go through the same schooling as other lawyers, they are a bit less involved in the court world—at least compared to a business or criminal lawyer. Family lawyers are those who help with wills, estates, divorce, marriage, prenuptial agreements, and so on. Family lawyers are able to sit in on mediation meetings, and even offer legal advice to their clients. They also help families with adoption, custody battles, and even juvenile troubles.

Becoming a lawyer is not an easy task, but for those passionate about law, it is worth it. If you are unsure of what kind of lawyer you should hire, figure out how to categorize your legal issue. Once you know which category your legal issue falls, you are able to research other types of lawyers to determine which would be the best lawyer to get into contact with. Lawyers are here to help you with the legal process of any issue, and their specialties will guarantee that!