What is a Lawyer?

Outside of fictional TV entertainment, lawyers are actual professionals who are licensed to practice law in a variety of settings. Another name for a lawyer is an attorney, counsel, or counselor. These individuals undergo many years of schooling to become professionals within the law profession. Lawyers obtain a bachelor’s degree in any topic they want, though the most popular bachelor’s degree for future lawyers are political science, business, psychology, and even philosophy. Once they have obtained their bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, the aspiring lawyer must obtain their Juris Doctor degree. Here they determine their specialization; such as criminal lawyer, family lawyer, business lawyer, and so on. After they have received their Juris Doctor degree, lawyers must also pass the bar exam and any other government requirements before lawyers can begin their practice. It is only after the lawyer has passed their BAR exam that they can begin their practice.

What does a Lawyer Do?

What is a lawyer, exactly? You can easily google the definition of Lawyer. Simply put, Lawyers are licensed professionals who advise and represent their clients during legal matters. They can support a defendant, or even be present for a defendant should they need to be.

The duties of a Lawyer are to uphold the law while also protecting a client’s rights. This is why Lawyers must pass certain exams and licenses before they can begin their practice. Lawyers are the individuals who every day citizens turn to when legal troubles arise. In order to properly help their clients, Lawyers need to follow each law themselves, and also be knowledgeable about the law.

Most of the time, a Lawyer will conduct their work in an office environment. They must research different information for clients, create cases for their clients, and even hold client meetings in their office. This is a lot of work for one person, and usually Lawyers have a team working with them to get each legal task done.

Lawyers are not simply individuals who put themselves through years of schooling to obtain a career that pays the big bucks. Lawyers are not simply individuals who follow the protocol for a famous TV show. Lawyers are not simply individuals who handle the biggest cases they can find. Lawyers are much more than the public’s common judgements.

How Can A Lawyer Help You?

A Lawyer is someone who is there to help you. They work hours on end to help their clients resolve any legal issues they 



may be having. They are present when the client can’t be, and they are always researching new laws to make sure their 


practice stays current. These professionals of law are here to make sure the public is able to live a fully legal life, and to help guide them back when legal matters come into play. A lawyer is a great communicator, and has an eye for detail. They create a legal case for you, and they investigate every detail of your legal matter. A Lawyer is there to help guide you.